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How to create valid P2SH-address with Bitwasp-Library that can be used with Electrum?

There is something I didn't understand regarding different Address formats. In short: I create a Master key, import it via xprv-Key into Electrum, generate P2SH and P2WSH-Adresses, send Coins to it ...
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bitcoinTestnet Network returning a mainnet address

I'm using this code to get a new address from an extended public key: $index = 97; $change = false; $key = HierarchicalKeyFactory::fromExtended($tpubaddress, NetworkFactory::...
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deriveChild and signing transactions using Bit-Wasp

I'm generating multiple children using one extended key. I have no problem generating public addresses: $master = HierarchicalKeyFactory::fromExtended(myKey); $key = $master->deriveChild(1); $...
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Installing PHP bitwasp bitcoin library

I am attempting to set up the PHP bitwasp library from the github repository: The installing instructions suggest I simply execute: $ composer require ...
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Sign transaction hex with PHP library

I have a unsigned transaction hex. Now I want to sign this transaction input with my private key in PHP. Bitwasp library looks nice. But I can't find how to sign my transaction. Can you give me any ...
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BitWasp Installation Problem

I just uploaded the BitWasp code into /var/www but when I tried to install using extension BitWasp-master/install/index.php the installation page that I need to make config.php, database.php, and ...
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