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1 vote
1 answer

How do you install blackcoin on a headless server or VPS?

Could somebody tell me the commands to get blackcoin installed over the terminal?
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0 answers

PoS coin is producing conflicted chain after merging with upstream developments [closed]

I'm sorry about the title, but I could not think of a more condensed way to describe this problem. I forked an older version of blackcoin a while back to make a test altcoin for fun. I have been ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Why is my new altcoin trying to connect to peers and sees almost 200k blocks remaining?

I downloaded and forked the Blackcoin source code. I changed all of the references to BlackCoin, changed the pszTimestamp string along with the current Unix timestamp. Then, I successfully mined the ...
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9 votes
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How can Blackcoin get 1st confirmation in 10 seconds?

According to it's official page, Blackcoin used scrypt as its Proof-of-Work during the phase of initial coins' creation. But now it's purely Proof-of-Stake, and they claim to have a speed of just 10 ...
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