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Why is a bitcoin node pruned to 550MB taking up 10GB+?

Why is a bitcoin node pruned to 550MB taking up 10GB+? $ du -smc blocks chainstate index | sort -g 0 index 849 blocks 10325 chainstate 11174 total
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Does Bitcoin Core write blockchain and chainstate data atomically?

In particular, when a new block arrives: Is the block written to disk in an atomic fashion, so a new block either exists, or it doesn't? (reader can never see a partially written state) Are the ...
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Splitting of data across blkxxxxx.dat files

I am trying to parse out the bitcoin data using Big Data and wanted to know more about the blk files themselves. I was wondering how does bitcoin split the transactions across the files. I know there ...
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how is blockchain data stored and accessed?

Can blockchain data be stored in a relational database? If so what would the schema be? I know blockchain itself is a data structure, but how is the data stored? In JSON files? In a RDBMS? in CSV file?...
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Where is the actual data stored in blockchain?

I know that the blockchain stores the transnational data and it is immutable but where is the actual data stored? If there is a use case to replace a centralized data center solution with a blockchain ...
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Bitcoin Core full node has saved a lot more space than 260gb

I've had Bitcoin Core running on my Macbook i5, 8gb ram, the last five nights and have gotten to 58%. It's downloading to an external hdd and now the blocks directory contains 375gb of data. Another ...
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How Does Bitcoin Core Client Keep Track of Longest Chain/Strongest PoW Chains?

Bitcoin Core stores blocks in files in local disk. And it uses LevelDb to form an index on top of block storage to make it faster to retrieve a block (basically a simple key-value pair db). See this ...
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90 views litecoin alternative [closed]

I have some pictures and litecoins, and I would like to be able to upload images to the litecoin blockchain. I also have some bitcoin, but, because of the higher value of bitcoin, I think I would ...
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How can I embed data into a bitcoin testnet address?

In the very early days of bitcoin, miners injected data into the address where the coins were going, not knowing that bitcoin would be worth $10,000 in 2019. However, I can get bitcoin for free on the ...
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How do I upload a file to a testnet blockchain?

I want to upload files to the testnet blockchain, specifically the Bitcoin testnet. I am looking for help on how to add a file to the Bitcoin testnet blockchain. I know that these coins are super easy ...
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Blockchain data storage

My learning on blockchain is mainly theory based. I have always been under the impression that blockchain is about data processing and data storage which I think this is where I am confused. I have ...
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How is "additional information" stored in the ledger and which blockchain projects don't allow it?

So there have been these rumours going around about child abuse information being stored in the bitcoin ledger, that might make bitcoin illegal to possess. How is this infirmation stored and are ...
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What can you do in case the number of blocks becomes greater than the maximal number of files that can be stored in a file system (ext4, FAT, etc.)?

In this case (which has actually happened to me), if I sync all blocks, they fill up the whole file system table of the volume. What is the best way to solve it? Using one directory that is split ...
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Bcoin - chain database location

'use strict'; const Chain = require('bcoin/lib/blockchain/chain'); const chain = new Chain({ network: 'main' }); (async () => { await; console.log(chain.tip); })(); The ...
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Where do wallets such as Exodus store the blockchain?

I recently installed Exodus and as soon as I configured my wallet it was ready to go. It did not appear to need to download gigabytes-large blockchain for any of the currencies I transferred into it. ...
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3 answers

Pictures and non-transaction data in block chain

It is well known that non transaction related information has found its way into the block chain. This raises multiple questions: (1) How was it done, and is it still possible (2) If someone where to ...
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Is it feasible to store information in the Bitcoin system?

I see that some new services are based on the possibility of storing information in the bitcoin system. For example, you can use it to store an encrypted file with a blueprint of an invention. Is ...
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lookup in distributed ledgers

We know that the bitcoin distributed ledgers is stored in a serialized blockchain based on the transactions' chronicle order. The current size of this database is about 100 GB. How can they search ...
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Blockchain as a way to host truly free social website like reddit

Some time ago I started wondering: what if we create a new coin and use its Blockchain to store a website content? Bitcoin is P2P, that way it is almost impossible to block bitcoin. Everything in the ...
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