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Questions tagged [blocktrail]

Blocktrail is a service that offers a block explorer to allow exploration of the blockchain, and an API to allow developers, enterprises and service providers to create tools and apps that leverage Bitcoin data, also used to create payments solutions.

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0 votes
3 answers

Calculate fees with Blocktrail/ SDK

I want to calculate the fees of a blocktrail transaction with blocktrail SDK, before making the transaction, in order to let the recipient pay fees. Here is what I tried: $FEES = $wallet->...
3 votes
2 answers

How do you push a transaction to the Bitcoin Cash Network? [closed]

There are plenty of APIs for pushing to the Bitcoin network, like Smartbit's: However, the only API I found for Bitcoin Cash was Blocktrail's: https://www.blocktrail....
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1 answer

How many api calls blocktrail allow per second

How many api calls blocktrail allow per second. On official site mentioned only rate per minute( Is this mean that I can make 5 requests per second(or ...
2 votes
1 answer

Why does unspent address index differ between APIs?

I've been using Blocktrail's API: to get data for the following unspent address on the testnet: 2N6qMqR9D4BTkD6fS1h6Sq3kRV2FeB1L14j. ...
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1 answer

Why does some transaction returned in the result of Blocktrail api call contain a field called "raw"?

Such as the result of Also what exactly does "raw" mean here? Could it ...
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1 answer

Unconfirmed Transaction[3] [duplicate]

Have problem. Sorry duplicate. and still not understand works And on Bitcoin-QT PS im confused how to back that money ~_~(cancel it)
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2 answers

What does this output item in the result of the call with blocktrail api mean?

This is the result of a call with blocktrail api. It is about a transaction with the hash 6b1c57d98a557b5f578c02f6c386ef049df5890ebddd01d286bf345f47c5cecc {"raw":"...
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1 answer

bitcoin payment using Blocktrail?

I am integrating blocktrail api in my web application and i am new to bitcoin. I created new account in blocktrail,and created new wallet.And it is 0.00000000 tBTC now. Will you please tell me how to ...
1 vote
0 answers

Filter transactions per block 50 BTC or Higher

I'm using the blocktrail python api, to try and display transactions above 50 BTC per block for a visualization project. I think I'm almost there but can anyone help me understand where I'm stuck? ...