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Is it possible to setup Lightning Network Nostr tipping using Bolt12 offers?

I see that NIP-57 references / depends on the LNURL specification, which references LUD-06 and LUD-16. As someone still rather new to all the various specifications, can somebody explain to me in ...
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Can you know the final destination of a BOLT12 offer?

It is said that a BOLT12 offer does hide the final destination, and therefore protects privacy of receiver. However, I just generated an offer, decoded it, and in the value node_id, it had my node's ...
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What are the differences between the design of BOLT11 and BOLT12?

What are the differences between BOLT11 and BOLT12? Should I be using BOLT11 as of today (November 2022) even I like some of the features of BOLT12? Relevant resources are, this tweet ...
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How to generate a lightning invoice of any type offline

Is it possible to generate a lightning network invoice without the encumbrance of a full lightning node (lightning node defined as: fully synced channel graph, knowledge of channel outpoints, and ...
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Can I create an invoice for a Lightning address I don't own?

I am building a web service where User A will signup and enter a Lightning address attached to the profile. Then, User B would want to send some satoshi to the Lightning address of User A as a kind of ...
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Is Lightning Offers an improvement over Key Send?

The draft for BOLT#12 (Offers) introduces a new payment flow where the receiver of funds posts an Offer. The Payer can then request a unique invoice and pay the invoice. There are significant ...
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