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What optimizations are possible for reading the UTXO set?

Suppose something like a scheme for writing blobs to the blockchain using naked OP_MULTISIG calls takes off big time and the UTXO set starts to grow a lot, how can Bitcoin nodes defend against that? I ...
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Is golang's implementation of Bitcoin core sufficiently relevant to the original?

Is anyone familiar with btcd, the Golang implementation of a Bitcoin node. Is it relevant enough? I read somewhere that they boast that it is an almost 1 to 1 mirror of the original C++ implementation,...
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BTCCTL: How to use the extended RPC commands?

I have a BTCD simnet set up locally on a couple machines. Now, I am looking to use the generatetoaddress RPC in btcctl to fund a couple of different wallets. However, btcctl throws a "-32601: ...
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Can I create an ordinals-like transaction using bcoin / btcwallet?

According to Understanding how ordinals work with the Bitcoin blockchain. What is exactly stored on the blockchain? you can add data to the unexecuted branch of a taproot input like so: OP_0 OP_IF (...
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What is the October 2022 bug in LND, what caused it and what would prevent a similar bug in future?

LND users are being asked as of October 2022 to urgently update their Lightning node software due to a bug in LND/btcd (alternative Bitcoin implementation in Go). What is the bug and what caused it? ...
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Cant send raw transaction from golang with OP_EQUALVERIFY failed

I'm using btcsuite (especially this example) package to listen and send unspent inputs for specific address. Tx hash: 690059e82dcee13678c45f2c583207d357af254624f5037b4d4d12b39caf74ca From address: ...
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Understanding how balances work

So I'm running the btcd node and wallet in simnet. I've generated more than 100 blocks. I've a few accounts on the same wallet. The list of the accounts: $ btcctl --rpcuser=foo --rpcpass=123456 --...
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I create a transaction with OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY. The median time is not greater than my date that I set in my witness script, for that reason if I try to send it I receive: error code: -26 error ...
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Is it possible, with bitcoin-core or btcd, to manually set the scriptSig field in a coinbase transaction?

I am talking about when using regtest or simnet modes. For context, it is so that I can create coinbase transactions with reproducible txids.
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Can bitcoind and btcd share a datadir?

I've already fully synced the blockchain with btcd, can I point bitcoind at the same datadir and use its contents?
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What are the benefits of using btcd instead of bitcoind?

btcd 1.0 was released October 3, 2013. Why use it instead of bitcoind?
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