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Questions relating to processing Bitcoin payments with BTCPay Server. Keep questions to those directly related to BTCPay Server and the BTCPay Server API. Questions relating to BitPay documentation are off topic.

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BTCPay Server with lightening over testnet - Payment issue

I have recently deployed btcpayserver over testnet to demonstrate the user experience to my colleagues. Lightening Implementation: LND Following are setting Every thing seems ok I can see the service ...
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How can I speed up payments to my c-lightning server?

I setup a BTCPayServer on an AWS instance with a pruned bitcoind and c-lightning. I setup an inbound channel from Bitrefill and everything does work but I'm disappointed about the performance. Using a ...
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Using BTCPay Server along with a web server in a single machine

For better context: Hello community! I have setup an aws ec2 instance and installed BTCPay server on it. I used ...
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Using BTCPay To Accept Undefined Payment Amounts

Following advice from users on this site, I have implemented a BTCPay Server and got it set up to receive payments. I am comfortable using the API. My need is to set up receive addresses for many ...
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