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what are BTR points in Bter exchange

what are BTR points in Bter exchange? Can we convert BTR into an alt-coin? If so, is there any fees they charge. How many times can I exercise this option for a particular month?
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Sell order in Bter is incorrect

In Bter I created a sell offer with DOGE/BTC, it seems the calculation is wrong. They have not deducted the transaction fee. I have included 2 screen shots and anybody know the same or experience the ...
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Bitcoins Stuck?

This morning I attempted to send BTC to my Bter account from my Mt Gox account. I sent them and they seemed to reappear. I sent them again and there was a little left over, I sent that. Now the ...
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I deleted my windows google auth (TOTP), how can I log in on BTER without it? [closed]

To make a short story: I have created an account on along with TOTP (windows, not phone), then I opened the Google Authenticator for windows, I put the numbers (XXXXXX). I don't remember ...
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