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2 answers

noob - set up a wallet with centos 7

Hi so I used the following bash script to set up bitcoin on my centos server however i don't know how to get a wallet or ...
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4 answers

How does one install Bitcoin Core on a CentOs server?

I would like to install Bitcoin Core on a CentOs server. Where can I find instructions, or what are the exact steps to install Bitcoin Core on a CentOs Server?
1 vote
0 answers

Error on Centos Minergate Installation

I am new to mining and starting with installing minergate in my server which most of the time sits hosting. I figured I have some resource left over and installing minergate to dedicate 2 cores to it. ...
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1 answer

Centos electrum public-key import

I have several bitcoin addresses (together with corresponding public keys) from Electrum wallet I've used previously. I moved to another CentOS server and now I need to import this addresses back. But ...
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Signature must be zero for failed CHECK(MULTI)SIG operation

Firstly, let me show my version: [frank@localhost bin]$ ./bitcoin-cli -version Bitcoin Core RPC client version v0.16.1 After sendrawtransaction and I got: error code: -26 error message: 64: non-...
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1 answer

How do you deploy a Bitcoin-Cash full node on a Cent OS 7 server?

I'm looking to compile it on CentOS 7. Perhaps a guide.
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1 answer

How to install minergate-cli in centos 6.6

How to install minergate-cli in centos 6.6.
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1 answer

Bitcoind rpc AddLocal(ip:port) and Disover: IPv4 eth0: ip missing Amazon AWS CentOS

I have a server at DigitalOcean with Ubuntu installed and bitcoind with rpc which IS working. With my Amazon AWS CentOs server bitcoin-cli is working but not EasyBitcoin-PHP, it's returning 0: $...
2 votes
1 answer

Bitcoind fails to start on Centos 7

When I execute bitcoind on CentOS 7 I get this error: Unable to start HTTP server. See debug log for details. bitcoind: scheduler.cpp:19: CScheduler::~CScheduler(): Assertion `nThreadsServicingQueue ...