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A channel factory is a proposed new layer between between the blockchain and payment channels that solves the scalability problem of having too many on-chain transactions for micropayments in the October 2017 paper "Scalable Funding of Bitcoin Micropayment Channel Networks" by Burchert, Decker & Wattenhofer.

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How could 6 billion people be onboarded to Bitcoin and Lightning today?

How could 6 billion people be onboarded to Bitcoin and Lightning today?
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How to open channel with output of closing channel? [Lightning Network]

How can I automatically open a new channel while closing another, avoiding to create an unnecessary intermediate transaction? Do any wallets support it at the moment, or would I have to do it with a ...
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How would the gossip protocol announce channels from a channel factory?

I was just listening to SLP59 with Christian Decker. They mainly discussed channel factories. While the construction of multiparty channels and higher order systems (sub channels) being derived from ...
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Is it possible to splice a new participant into a LN channel factory?

I am reading paper named "Scalable Funding of Bitcoin Micropayment Channel Networks". If Alice, Bob, and Charlie created a channel factory, I thought that only these three people can make a payment ...
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Payment channels with dynamic signatures

Talking about single-funded payment channels, the idea is quite simple: Alice puts 10 btc into a multi-sig signed with Bob, and then they each update the state accordingly to send money to each-other ...
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What are Channel Factories and how do they work?

One of the open research questions for Lightning Network is that it will take a massive amount of on-chain transactions to create enough payment channels for all the Lightning Network users. Lately, I'...
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