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Related to support for charities paid in Bitcoins.

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For a bitcoin-forked complementary currency: would it be difficult / impossible to limit the mining to some agents on the market?

Am I right that by implementation everybody with a client is theoretically able to mine? However, thinking about a Bitcoin implementation for a locally limited complementary currency: Would it be ...
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What % of bitcoin transactions involve addresses of known charitable organizations

Blockchain analysis can come a lot way. Are we at the point where we can identify what percentage of transactions related to certain industries? What percentage of transactions involve a receiving ...
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Bitcoin accepted charities or organizations

I'm looking for Bitcoin accepted Charities. I want to make a list of the charities. I found that Donation-accepting organizations and projects but I prefer organizations which are saving children, ...
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Using BTC to receive currency donations

How can Bitcoin be used by a charity in the Congo to receive donations from people around the world paying in different currencies?
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Accept bitcoin on behalf of charity

I would like to start accepting bitcoin donations on behalf of a set of charities that don't accept it. I'm thinking this may be a stepping stone to get them to accept bitcoin directly because they ...
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reflecting badly on the organization

A non-profit I volunteer for wants to stop accepting Bitcoin because "it has been in the news a lot negatively and it reflects badly on the organization". How can I answer this?
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How to structure a Bitcoin charity miner?

I'm working on a project involving mining Bitcoins for charity. I'm writing my own miner, and though I may eventually set up my own pool for this purpose, for now I'm planning on using existing pools. ...
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Is there a list of charities that accept Bitcoin donations?

Say someone wanted to donate some of their Bitcoins for charity, is there some comprehensive list of charities that accept donations in Bitcoins?
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Can Bitcoin help charitable organisations ensure payments go to the right people?

One common problem when organisations, such as charities or governments, donate money to good causes is that it becomes very hard to track where the money went. For example, there are accusations of ...
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