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Deals with questions about choosing which coins or addresses are used to fund a transaction. Also, used for questions about the feature named Coin Control in Bitcoin Core that allows you to manage exactly that.

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What is the standard or best practice for bitcoin wallet address labeling, if any?

Transferring wallet address labels from different wallets is non-trivial today, as there is no standard for this metadata it seems. Could address labelling be included in wallet config files at ...
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Wasabi Wallet 2.0 coin control. How secure / private are sent coins now?

I have a wallet which contains several small coins each with a different level of privacy (Coin Join rounds) which generated in the Wasabi 1.1 I wish to send an amount which I would like to remain as ...
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Does Wasabi Wallet 2.0 have coin control?

Can users select coin(s) while sending bitcoin with Wasabi Wallet 2.0?
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Is there a way to avoid sendtoaddress from "sweeping"?

I have a wallet that has several hundred small amounts residing at multiple addresses. I noticed yesterday that, when sending a relatively small amount to a third party that the bitcoind "swept&...
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Why does Electrum include seemingly unnecessary inputs in a transaction?

I want to make a payment of x BTC. My Electrum wallet shows two "output points" in the Coins tab (with the same address). Both of these show an amount much larger than x BTC. If go to the ...
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Bitcoin Core coin control via RPC (CLI)

Bitcoin Core introduced nice Coin Control feature accessible via the GUI client. To my surprise though, I don't see any obvious way how to make use of Coin Control via RPC/bitcoin-cli. How can I pick ...
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Send BTC with Electrum: which address is used?

I'm new to bitcoin and I've downloaded Electrum. I can see the new wallet generated a few addresses for me. If I want to receive BTC, I just need to give one of those addresses. But if I want to ...
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How can I choose the address bitcoins are sent from?

So let's say I have multiple bitcoin addresses (some of them already received bitcoins), created a new bitcoin address, received bitcoins on it and would like to use the very same address to send them ...
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Which inputs will be spent?

Say someone holds 100,000 btc. Over time, this address has been spammed with dust by numerous parties. Now, the oldest funds come from the previous large transaction. If the dust is, say 0....
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What does Bitcoin Core's "Coin Control Features" do and how do I use it?

What is Bitcoin Core's "Coin Control Features"? How do I use it, and what can I do with it?
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Electrum Wallet - Is it possible to specify inputs in new transaction?

In my wallet, I have bitcoins belonging to three different addresses. I want to send the bitcoins from one of those addresses elsewhere. This is made easier, perhaps, by the fact that the balance of ...
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3 answers

How can I control which coins to spend in a transaction?

When creating a bitcoin transaction, you have to choose which coins to use in them. The standard client does this in a way to avoid unconfirmed inputs and minimize the number of inputs and amount of ...
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