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The transaction that pays the miner their block reward.—Use [] to refer to the US-based cryptocurrency company.

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How do I compute the coinbase in for a stratum pool?

I searched around Google and didn't get a correct answer, some one says I should use: hashed_coinbase_ = coinbase1 + extranonce + extranonce2 + coinbase2; And some other pages says: hashed_coinbase_ =...
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What makes a valid scriptSig in coinbase?

Per BIP 34, the scriptSig should contain the height number in little endian. Suppose the target height is 777888, which is a0de0b in little endian. And, the extra data I want to append is a 5-byte ...
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Can mining pool participants customize the coinbase of the block they're mining?

If a participant can customize the coinbase, how would that be done? Pool participants make certain decisions about how they mine. Some of those decisions are apparent in each block solved by that ...
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Which merged mining method is preferable? What is the latest specification/practice?

If I'm right, there are at least two methods for miners to include a reference hash to a merge mined block in the coinbase transaction: Commitment hash in an OP_RETURN out put in the coinbase ...
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BIP0034 block height using python-bitcoinlib

I'm doing some experiments for finding coinbase height from freshly mined block which is received from ZMQ. tx_coinbase = CTransaction.deserialize(x('...
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How to download wallet from coinbase

I got some newbie questions; I bought some bitcoin on Coinbase. I want to download the wallet, I'll probably put it on a USB then throw it in the safe. Could someone advise how I can download the ...
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How to create coinbase? How to use witness?

BIP141 adds a new rule called "witness commitment". The document says: "The commitment is recorded in a scriptPubKey of the coinbase transaction." I didn't quite understand what ...
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How to calculate Merkle Root? Need to reverse?

I downloaded the necessary information and made the coinbase. Then I calculated the merkle root... But I always get an error message when I submit a block: "bad-txnmerkleroot". Tere is my ...
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Coinbase transaction UTXOs are prohibited until 100 confirmed? By what?

I notice that many coinbase transactions(like in block 720,815) with locktime=0x00000000 and sequence=0xFFFFFFFF, which means UTXO could be spent immediately. There seems to be no limit to coinbase's ...
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How generate a hex string for a block

I have written this code to create and submit a new minned block to the bitcoin network: unsigned long magic_number = 0xD9B4BEF9; unsigned long block_size = 89 + (strlen(coinbase_transaction)-1) +...
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Changing the first payout address when a reward + fees is generated

I would like all my mined coins (solo mining, testnet so far) to go to a different default account. I'm not referring to the distribution a mining pool will do to all of its miners (Pay per share, ...
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What files/code should I look for iOS Coinbase Wallet Seed Phrase?

I never wrote down my seed phrase for Coinbase wallet and used FaceId to Login for months. One day the app did an update which forced me off the app and prompted me for the seed phrase to login. I ...
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