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How do I get Bitcoin Core's estimated confirmation time for a given transaction?

What RPC command can I run with Bitcoin Core (bitcoin-cli) in order to get a transaction's estimated confirmation time?
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Bitcoin Withdraw and the deposit address timed out

I brought Bitcoin on Bitbuy and I made a withdrawal after that to send the money to my forex broker and the broker had a limit of 30min on the deposit. 30min passed and I didn't receive anything. Now, ...
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I made mistake sending Bitcoin to old generated address in nairaex ...the transaction still writing can I get my Bitcoin back

I got 22 confirmation for Bitcoin not up 50$ and still unspent ,ow can I get it reverse back ,it more than 4hours
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Shortest and Longest block interval time ever recorded in Bitcoin

Bitcoin block interval time is on average 10 minutes, that is the difficulty is adjusted in such a way that every 10 minutes a miner will manage to find the right hash. This is just an average time ...
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Pay to many addresses transaction time?

I read here about the fees difference when paying to many addresses at once instead of doing it one after another. I was wondering whether this applies to the transaction time as well. Is it ...
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Can I estimate time to confirm based on the number of existing transactions awaiting confirmation? says that right now (1/14/2018) there are approximately 42,000 transactions awaiting confirmation. It also says that the average size of a block is 1,700. If the target is 10 minutes ...
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