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How does one attain 1,000+ connections like

At this moment, has over 1,900 nodes connected to their bitcoin client. I have been running an m1.small ubuntu 12.04 server and bitcoind for ~4 days straight now with no reboots. My ...
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Bitcoin is not connected in regtest mode

I am having trouble using regtest mode on Linux. Using pre-compiled version for linux and starting regtest mode as instructed on <bitcoin-ver>-linux/bin/64>> ./...
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How to resolve "no block source available"?

I've got some trouble using bitcoin-qt. It stays on: "No block source available... 242 weeks behind." And "Catching up ... Processed 0" etc... Map port using UPnP is activated, and proxy disabled ...
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What if a country 100% denominated in a cryptocurrency loses internet connectivity to the rest of the world?

Please assume a small island nation becomes 100% denominated in a cryptocurrency. Now please assume that for some reason the rest of the world manages to cut if off from the rest of the internet for ...
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Does having a pruned node reduce its network score?

My node's network score (revealed by getnetworkinfo) is very low (<75). Most of the time there are no peers with incoming connections connected to the node. Is this because I'm running a pruned ...
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Are nodes that don't accept inbound connections necessarily leechers?

Gavin Andresen and James Lopp seem to think that nodes that don't accept inbound connections could be called "leechers" in the same way a torrent leecher takes but doesn't give (or at least they did 5 ...
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What is the difference between inbound and outbound connections?

I have port 8333 open with 8 outbound and 2 inbound connections. Is my node transmitting and receiving transactions and blocks from both types of connections? Or does the "inbound" flag mean I am ...
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Is there a connections limit on bitcoind?

I don't know if it is a lot or a few, but I see this number of connections: bitcoin-cli getnetworkinfo | grep connections "connections": 66, It does not seem to get over 70, is there an in-built ...
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How to make bitcoind connect to more nodes?

Let's say I have a dedicated server just for my bitcoind and for better reliability and some security reasons I want it to be connected to a much bigger number of nodes than it is willing to do by ...
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What are the risks of running an online store via a bitcoind connection using less than the minimum of 8 connections?

I have 1GB of memory to work with on my VPS. I want to run bitcoind as well as a few other crypto currency daemons. As it stands, number of connections seem to be the only value I can change that ...
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JSON-RPC Connection Problem!

I use bitcoind. And I have simple bitcoin wallet with simple login-register system. Error Code; Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Incorrect response id (request id: 1, ...
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How does one node connect to other nodes

I am wondering how does one client connect to whole blockchain system if there is no centralized node which connecting other nodes together? So for example if I want to create my own decentralized ...
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How to trigger port for Bitcoin client (e.g. 8333)

According to this it's possible to have incoming connections to Bitcoin client by forwarding port 8333 on the router. I was wondering if there is some specific port range Bitcoin Core uses for making ...
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Can exist bitcoin network with all nodes behind NAT?

If I run bitcoin client for the first time its try to make TCP connection with saved list of IPs and port 8333 -other nodes. If this nodes are behind NAT with IP 192.168.0.XX and public IP from the ...
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