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Is there a listing of strange or unusual scripts found in transactions?

I'm studying scripts and am looking for strange or unusual scripts that have appeared in any of the *coin networks..(outside the standard ones listed on this page) Is any one person, or website ...
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Are loans with enforced repayment possible on the blockchain?

Are loans with interest possible in Bitcoin, such that repayment is enforceably encoded with Bitcoin Script on the blockchain from the establishment of the lending contract?
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Are There Examples of Asset Backed Virtual Currencies?

Here is a very natural idea: an entity creates a new virtual currency with the following properties: Only that entity has the capability to issue new quantities of that currency That entity makes ...
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Atomic cross-chain trading

Atomic cross-chain trading describes a method where two parties, owning different crypto currencies, can safely exchange the crypto currencies without an intermediary. The method is described in the ...
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Contracts: Will this be possible?

I would like to know if this will be possible with Bitcoin: Create a key with the following features: Only be able to spend btc if a % of pre-definied keys allow it The own of the key need for ...
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Could I mine a non-final transaction?

I know that non-final transactions (locktime in future and sequence number < MAX_UINT) are not "accepted by miners". However, I could not figure out the exact behavior. If I mined my own block ...
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Is there any way to send an output to a script which can then only be sent to one of two addresses?

Is the following scenario possible? I want to send money to a script. This script will require knowing a private key to spend, as usual, but the script is only valid if the money is being sent to one ...
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While using Open Transaction as a Decentralized Exchange, how can one guarantee sanctity of the trade carried out by the parties?

Lets assume Alice holds 100 shares of Twitter and wants to sell those shares on Open Transactions. Bob decides to purchase those shares. They decide the terms of the transaction, price etc and sign a ...
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Transaction Puzzles, Awareness and Questions

I was just reading about the two following scenarios: My understanding is that we have two transactions here that don't follow the usual scriptSig/scriptPubKey situation, and I think transactions ...
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