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The cost of whether or not you'll exercise the *option* of running a node respective to the advantages of running a node.

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UTXOs set size for small node

For several months the size of the UTXOs set has been exploding with almost 20MB more every day. So I would like to know from what size it may be a problem for small nodes such as Raspberry Pi 4 for ...
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How many bytes does a Bitcoin address weight?

One of the biggest issues of Bitcoin blockchain is the ever increasing size. Each address has a weight in bytes or bits. What’s holding someone from creating trillions of different addresses and ...
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12 votes
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Will the size of a Bitcoin Core full node be too big to run on a normal computer?

I am a Bitcoin enthusiast, with no background knowledge in computer science and cryptography. I once ran Bitcoin Core on my laptop but realized that it occupied too much space on my computer. I ...
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What are some affordable options for running a full node?

I would like to start running a full node so I can start building bitcoin/lightning applications, but my laptop doesn't have the storage to do so. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can ...
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Is the UTXO set size important for non-mining full nodes?

Recently, I have seen a lot of development effort going into techniques for different ways of storing, pruning UTXO/TXOs. The main motivation cited is reducing block orphaning, which is mining-...
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What are the factors that drive the cost of bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining is vital for maintaining the integrity of the blockchain ledger. If the cost of bitcoin mining gets too high and enough miners give up, the ledger will not be maintained properly and ...
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How do Bitcoin and Litecoin compare in scalability?

Bitcoin and Litecoin are very similar, however they differ in the hash algorithm, the block interval and reward schedule. How do these characteristics impact the scalability in terms of e.g. ...
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Personal computer to use for bitcoin client

My understanding is that anyone with a computer can download a Bitcoin client such as Bitcoin Core, and then they can interact with the Bitcoin network: accept Bitcoin, pay Bitcoin, and view the state ...
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RAM usage of very small systems

What is the absolute bare minimum RAM required for a full node. So for example a pi zero with 512MB RAM, could that act as a full node? If not what components are causing the RAM usage, my own ...
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Blockchain long run issue

the last days I have thinking about the bitcoins and the technical issues that can have this currency, I am a computer science guy, with many interest in the global economy. The first question that I ...
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