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Is bitcoin bonus and cloud mining real? [duplicate]

I received an email saying I have so much money from a cloud mining app that I set up using my phone and the app connected with my IP address.. I didn't really pay to much attention to the app so I ...
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Bitcoin BTC wallet receive addresses

I want to create 100 to 500 to 1000 BTC receive addresses. It should not expire. Is it possible ? Is it possible in Bitcoin core ?
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What Bitcoin Wallet Can I Transfer Private Keys To?

I have $43 of Bitcoin in a wallet,: What wallet(s) can I transfer private keys too? (I can not send from BTC from wallet). What wallets are compatable? Gary
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Is it possible to withdraw other cryptocurrencies besides bitcoin (ex: etherum) into a Bitcoin paper wallet?

I've been wanting to know if withdrawing other cryptocurrencies into a bitcoin paper wallet would be incompatible with that system. I haven't tried it myself.
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How to deploy BTC blockchain on my Ubuntu17 VPS

I would like to setup Bitcoin nodes on my VPS so we can call balance API unlimited time. Actually we are launching ICO for that we are in need of this we have previously deployed ETH and NEO node on ...
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While Creating new CryptoCurrency should we create Smart Contract?

I have confusion in my mind regarding create own cryptocurrency. Questions: 1.) I have created my own cryptocurrency using bitcoin or litecoin fork. So, From where to generate my original balance on ...
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Better Crypto Currency for trading [closed]

Can anyone suggest me which crypto currency is better for trading? Is it Bitcoin or Ethereum? Prices in USD as of 21/08/2017 and time 18:03 (UTC+05:30): Bitcoin = $4041.53 or Ethereum = $325.76
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How can services that use the bitcoin blockchain help secure it?

There are many projects being worked on that involve using the bitcoin blockchain for its public verifiability and immutability. A few examples would be Counterparty, Medici, Factom, etc. But each use ...
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What incentives do Crypto 2.0 systems provide for IOU Gateways?

I am wondering what inventives do various Crypto 2.0 systems provide for IOU Gateways (ones that create currencies backed by other currencies or commodities, like USD, BTC or the like)? Just to be ...
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