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3 answers

What happens to my bitcoins if a hard fork occurs?

It seems that on August 1st, there will be a hard fork on Bitcoin. This will mean that instead of 1 coin we will end up with 2. Without going into the discussion about whether it will or not occur. ...
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2 answers

Why do bitcoin exchanges use "central" wallets?

Most exchanges that have the option to deposit crypto offer individual wallets for every customer. What is the benefit of moving that money to a "central" wallet? Could they also just ...
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4 votes
3 answers

What is the risk involved in fedimint?

I want to know the risks involved in fedimint? Fedimint is something that was shared as improving privacy for bitcoiners.
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Do I have to backup ~/.cashu/wallet/wallet.sqlite3 of my nutshell wallet in order to backup my ecash tokens?

Upon inspection with sqlite, wallet.sqlite3 has following tables: balance dbversions keysets proofs seed balance_used invoices nostr proofs_used. As a wallet holder, do I need to back up the file ...
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How do exchanges such as coinbase handle off-chain transactions?

Does Coinbase create a channel between each customer and Coinbase itself? If I buy 10 USD of bitcoin from Coinbase, where do the 10 USD worth of bitcoin come from? Does Coinbase maintain a huge wallet ...
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How to hold a fiduciary accountable?

Fiduciaries (executors, trustees, guardians) hold and manage funds on behalf of others (heirs, beneficiaries, etc). So it's important to be able to audit a fiduciary's transactions, to ensure he hasn'...
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How to create multi-user wallet or wallets supporting off-chain transactions

I want to implement the wallet to create bitcoin and altcoins exchange and store system. Somehow create random or HD wallet that holds and store upto 50 user public keys.But users will not have ...
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Securing Digital Heritage

I would like to bequeath my digital assets in a secure way. I am the sole custodian of my bitcoins. I would like to release or pass custody conditionally, like upon death. This has to happen in a ...
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2 answers

Hosting lightning node and non-custodial

In Bitcoin we can have a light wallet where we are connected to a full node, by doing this, we have to trust that the full node is feeding correct information, but at least we can store our keys in ...
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How to buy BTC with a non custodial wallet directly?

I apologize if this question does not make sense. But please correct me if I'm incorrect. If someone has a US Bank with a positive balance and has created a wallet using the bitcoin core "bitcoin-...
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Where could I find a fedimint custodian on the web? Where to look for one?

It is written at Fedimint aims to address this by distributing custodianship across millions of communities, making it simple for them to bank themselves. These community focused 'banks'...
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