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What prevent someone to not use the receiver address of one transaction as the sender in another one?

Title may be confusing you, and to be honest I am also confused how things work and I am new to this crypto world so sorry in advance if I am not using the correct words. I try to explain : Let say ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Is it possible for there to be a virus in the blockchain?

can a blockchain ever get a 'virus', that continually replicates itself, continues paying for gas (if on the ethereum network) and survives/self-replicates through the blockchain, similar to viruses ...
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Are wallet address generators considered a dapp? like bitaddress or warp wallet?

Is bitaddress or warpwallet generator considered a dapp? They aren't tied to centralized server when you use the application to generate your own addresses and it can run by itself.