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Why is it insufficient funds when sending coins via datacoind when I have enough? [closed]

I'm trying to send my coins from my daemon I installed in my server. Its datacoind, but I'm guessing its the same as bitcoind. Is that a correct assumption? root@x:~# ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How do you setup your own Bitcoin / Litecoin / Primecoin / Altcoin pool? Whats a good tutorial?

I was wondering how would one setup their own pool for one of the alt coins. Is there a good tutorial link on how to setup your own pool? I'm mainly looking to setup a datacoin pool but was wondering ...
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Mining a primecoin based currency (datacoin). How do I find out how much hash power im doing?

How do I find out how much hashing power am I providing to the network? What is the command to find it out? Currently I see this: when I run: watch 'datacoind ...
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