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Bitcoin Debit Card without a phone (number) [closed]

Where can I signup for a bitcoin debit card without a phone? There are a number of "bitcoin debit card" providers -- services that issue you a traditional visa/mastercard/etc debit card that ...
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How does tax work with crypto Debit cards?

There are plenty crypto debit cards, like's or Binance's. I can easily use my fund to purchase goods and services without taking profit out of an exchange, and just simply use the funds on ...
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buying bitcoins with debit cards that are not mine

I have a couple of cards that are not mine, I have all of the card holders info and card info. I want to purchase bitcoins and then transfer them to other wallets. I have a couple of friendswho want ...
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Crypto credit/debit card provider - Process of Crypto to Fiat

How do crypto credit/debit card provider organise their crypto to fiat exchange process? I thought that they would manually exchange crypto to fiat on exchanges through a bot. However, this would not ...
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Any non wavecrest issuer euro zone debit cards?

After the recent disruption to all debit cards that were using the wavecrest card issuer, it appears they were by far the most common issuer for bitcoin debit card companies. Most of them have stated ...
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How much bitcoin debit card really cost?

Just read this article about Bitcoin debit cards. Two interesting statements I noticed: customers are not required to complete ID verification provided if they are happy to stay within the lower ...
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Any exchange available for using virtual cards like Payoneer? [closed]

Is there any bitcoin exchange available for trading bitcoin with virtual cards like payoneer? I know there is coinmama and locabitcoin, but they are mostly P2P. Is there something like ? ...
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Why is it difficult to acquire bitcoin?

All of the buying guides or suggestions here on bitcoin.stackexchange seem dated and old. Does anyone have any new methods for buying Bitcoin with a disposable or personal debit card? It's not ...
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Getting a bitgold prepaid debit card

Can someone tell me what the process is of getting a bitgold prepaid debit card and if I can use it just about anywhere? Does anyone have one of these cards and what is your experience with them?
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Why don't most Bitcoin exchanges like Mt. Gox accept debit cards?

The Mt. Gox FAQ reads: Unfortunately we do not accept any credit or debit payment Why is this so? It seems like the most natural way to buy bitcoin would be to pay for it using money in my bank ...
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Debit cards & direct deposit?

If I wanted to close my bank account and perhaps set up a direct deposit through my employer, is that possible? Also, will there or are there any Bitcoin debit cards? I am still trying to ...
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Best way for anonymous purchases (for small amounts only) with credit card or Paypal if you have Bitcoins to spend? Bitcoin-OTC? No name credit card?

Obviously if you are American or you live somewhere where you have the opportunity to just buy a Visa (or Mastercard) gift card in a store for cash: you can't go better than that. But I don't have ...
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Ways to buy bitcoin (I'm in the US) [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do you obtain bitcoins? I just want a straightforward answer, I read a few answers but the explanations are convoluted. Where can I buy bitcoins online? Is there a site or ...
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What's the status of BitInstant's debit card? It's been almost four months. Where can I find the latest public information about this?
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Do any actual bitcoin credit / debit cards exist yet?

With the rumors of the Bitinstant credit card failing to deliver, and the only other one out there being a fake scam site, does anyone out there offer a solution to this? Just the ability to pay with ...
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ECDSA transaction signing on a smartcard?

I know that the underlying digitial signing method Bitcoin uses for transactions is ECDSA (sep256k1 if memory serves). I've also read a few papers about performing ECDSA signing on certain kinds of ...
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How do I buy bitcoins using a prepaid credit card? [Canada]

I live in Canada, I don't have a credit card. I want to buy a prepaid one and but some bitcoins. How can I do this? Or is there a way to use my debit card? Or even go to my bank and do it.
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