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Why doesn't the price of the bitcoin perpetual future equal the price of bitcoin?

A lot of exchanges offer a bitcoin perpetual future to allow users to speculate on the price of bitcoin. For a future with an expiry date, it makes sense that the price of the future might be higher/...
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Are fees smaller to transact to addresses generated from a zpub master public keys compared to xpub?

Will it affect the fees in any way when one sends money to an address generated from zpub master public key compared the xpub? What might also be part of this question is, understanding whether it is ...
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How does a perpetual futures contract affects the actual price?

I kind of understand how a perpetual futures contract works, but I don't see how it affect the price of the underlying asset, such as Bitcoin.
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What is the differences in Bitcoin derivative products such as perpetual vs futures?

I see on some crypto exchanges, they offer Bitcoin perpetual orders and futures orders. What are the differences when compared to each other and vs margin orders.
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