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What are the security guarantees of DLC oracles?

DLC (Discreet Log Contracts) is a protocol that allows two parties to create a bet based on the outcome of some real-world event, as reported by a trusted oracle. Alice and Bob lock coins in a multi-...
3 votes
1 answer

Bitcoin transaction script debugging strategy - how to debug 'invalid script' errors

I've been playing around with DLC transactions but I can't seem to create a valid CET transaction to conclude simple all or nothing bets. Further details below on my specific case, though this ...
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2 answers

Multisig with oracle

I am trying to develop an use case in which a user has its funds on a multisig 3-2 (one key staying with him, another with my app and another one with a type of oracle that can attest if some ...
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DLC funding transaction error: non-mandatory-script-verify-flag (Witness program hash mismatch) (code 64)

I'm attempting to construct a funding transaction for a DLC. So far I have created the following transaction which encodes entry of a bet for local/remote collateral of 1000/1000 sats and binary win/...
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