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Setup bitcoin-seeder

I wanna setup a dnsseed for a crypto currency using sipa/bitcoin-seeder on my VPS. The server is hosted at NetCup and running the software as root, and also listening on port :53 UDP. My domain is ...
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Is there any relationship between Altcoin domain name and its validity? [closed]

We are seeing many new alcoins coming to the market. However a lot of them have very weird websites. io, org etc. But yesterdayi noticed a new altcoin GAME ...
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ncdns uses the wrong nameserver to resolve .bit domain

Basically, I'm setting up a .bit domain for my blog. I have registered a domain using namecoin, and given it a nameserver entry on the blockchain: $ namecoin-cli name_show d/aoeu2code { "name": "d/...
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Where can I sell domain names and earn in bitcoins?

I want to sell my domain names and receive payments in bitcoins. Some platforms that I know of allow to buy domain names with bitcoins but won't let you sell and earn in BTC. Any platform that allows ...
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minimal transaction for

I'm registering with a few different bitcoin sites. I notice that, at least according to older questions, paypal isn't generally accepted. Is there a simple way to buy a few US dollars worth of ...
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How does Ethereum domain registration works?

I am wondering how does the Ethereum domain registration works? From what I can see in the whitepaper, I know there is account-specific data storage, but I don't know if that would be the ideal way to ...
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Namecoin name_new fee for already taken [closed]

I'm very new to Namecoin and tried to to register a domain with name_new d/<name>. I received the tx and rand response which seemed normal. Later (after 12+ blocks) when I did firstupdate and it ...
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Is it legal to use bitcoin in a domain name?

Is it legal to use bitcoin in a domain name? Not a sub domain, but in the main domain name.
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Anonymous Domain Registrations [closed]

Can anyone recommend a domain registrar which will both accept BTC and allow anonymous registrations? I'm aware of this list: But was ...
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Where can I register a .RU domain and pay with bitcoins? [duplicate]

Where can I register a .RU domain and pay with bitcoins? (There are several services offering the registration of "international" domains and accepting bitcoin payments, but what about .RU domain?)
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Where can I register a domain and pay with bitcoins? [closed]

Where can I register a domain name and pay with bitcoins? (The question is about usual domain names, not .bit maintained by the namecoin network.)
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Namecoin: Is it possible to move a name_new to another wallet? How?

With the current namecoin price this is more of a theoretical nature. It seems it is only possible after a name_firstupdate?
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How can I know *exactly* when my name_new domain is ready for the name_firstupdate step?

The FAQ very vaguely says "Wait at least 12 blocks", but it doesn't make much sense to me. Unless I have totally misunderstood how this works, once the name_newd domain is in the chain, I should ...
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