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concerning proposals to dynamically determine the blockweight limit on basis of other network statistics such as the recently collected fees or the transaction volume.

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Fee adjusted block size

I imagine this has been thought through and dismissed at some point, but what about a difficulty-adjustment-like thing for block size. It would aim to maintain a constant-ish fee size by raising and ...
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Any methods or tech to reduce the size of blockchain?

Are there any techs/methods applied or going to be applied on the bitcoin network to reduce the size of blockchain. It is really a burden for peroson to run a full-node especially on vps. Or what ...
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Growth Dependent Block Size Limit

Could the 1MB block size limit be replaced with a growth-dependent limit? From what I have read (here, for example) the 1MB limit is to prevent spamming of the blockchain. And if/when Bitcoin becomes ...
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