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Educational sample of minimal working mining code

I would like if someone could point me to a minimal program source code that does solo minig on a CPU. (Can assume a running bitcoind/full node) Something that in theory (obviously not in practice) ...
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What dead simple algoritm can be used for generating checksums by pen and pencil?

I'm holding a course on Bitcoin and blockchain technology. On my agenda I have an exercise where I'm going to let the attendees create their own blockchain on the wall using post-its. I'm in search ...
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Understanding Blockchain client implementation details

I've started building a custom blockchain as a side project. The goal is to understand and familiarize myself with implementation details that are not usually described in a "What is blockchain" ...
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Which altcoin would be the easiest to fork a cryptocurrency from for educational purposes?

Which codebase would you recommend for a novice who wants to create and run an altcoin in order to understand the technology - like a student compiling their own version of MINIX in order to ...
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Could cryptocurrency "insurance" slow Bitcoin adoption?

Does the concept of cryptocurrency "insurance" undermine the purpose of "being your own bank"? Recently I have seen more Bitcoin related companies offer some sort of insurance for Bitcoins stored in ...
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What's the best way to introduce Bitcoin to the family and friends? [closed]

What's the best way to introduce Bitcoin to the family and friends? Has anybody succesful experience in the topic?
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2014 Educational Content on Bitcoin

it's been a long time. I'm updating my udemy course on Bitcoin and I'm curious what educational content has been released since September of 2013 on Bitcoin. Specifically have you guys encountered an ...
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0 hashes per second in Qt for new altcoin

Lately I have become interested in the way crytocurrency works. So I decided to make my own cryptocurrency to learn it's internal workings. I used a clone of SmallChange and followed this guide. ...
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Does any university accept bitcoin to take course fee? [closed]

Which universities of the World accept bitcoins to take their course fee? Can it be done by bitcoins? I need to know it as I am planning to take some courses for higher education from an reported ...
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How to answer merchant who asks "What is Bitcoin?" [duplicate]

There is a software product that I'm interested in purchasing a license for. I sent an email to their customer service asking if they would be interested in accepting Bitcoin. Software licences seem ...
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