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How do I Transfer Bitcoins If I have a watch-only account with the Private Key

How do I transfer bitcoins over from a watch only electrum account if I have the private key and its address?
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Trying to claim my bitcoin cash but transaction history doesn't match

Upon discovering the meteoric rise in value for Bitcoin Cash, I decided to actually claim the little Bitcoin Cash that I had from after the August 1st 2017 fork. I had sold most of my crypto holdings ...
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Why is my Electron Cash not detecting any servers?

I am using Elecron Cash 2.9.4, and I opened the wallet by using the seed of my old (BTC) Electrum Wallet. I intended to get BCH.
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Electron Cash wallet password not working! [closed]

I downloaded the wallet software from, version 2.9.4. I then transferred some Bitcoins from Coinbase using shapeshift to my new BCH wallet and after a few minutes, saw my tokens ...
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Electron Cash Wallet now suddenly not accepting password?

So, i installed this software yesterday. Set up everything, created a password, TESTED the password, wrote down the generation seed. I logged in this morning to check that the coin i sent to this ...
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