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Questions tagged [electrum-console]

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2 answers

Electrum load_wallet through json-rpcs does not accept "wallet" parameter

When calling load_wallet through json-rpc, using "wallet" param with a path to the wallet throws an error: Commands.load_wallet() got an unexpected keyword argument 'wallet' In the same ...
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Is there any way to generate bc1... adresses in command line Electrum?

I can create standard or segwit wallet. But no matter which one I created the only addresses I get is 1.... For example: $ electrum createnewaddress 1FeE4ZGaSM38f6TxKzKMbCNjwbne6oLQPt Is there way to ...
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Will electrum wallet increment the fee automatically or do I have to do it manually?

Although I've broadcasted many transactions via testnet with RBF opted-in ( --rbf true), yet, given different incentives present among the miners of the testnet and of the mainnet, my experience so ...
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Restore BIP39 mnemonic in Electrum using command line and custom derivation path?

How would I restore a bitcoin wallet using the Electrum command line on Linux with a BIP39 mnemonic and custom derivation path? I need to use m/0' for legacy and m/1' for native segwit? I cannot find ...
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Bitcoin Core internal Electrum Server

Is there a technical reason for which there isn't an option in Bitcoin Core that would deploy an internal Electrum Server, or something similar so that a software wallet can fetch addresses and ...
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How to create, sign, and send a transaction using electrum wallet RPC

How to create, sign, and send a transaction using electrum wallet RPC ? I have experience create/sign/send a transaction using bitcoind wallet since I just have to using bitcoind RPC. But on electrum ...
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Import bitcoin core generated multisig public address to electrum multisig wallet for watch(2/3) and sign(1/3)

I have 3 Machines, and I want to create (2/3)multisig wallet. Sign with other machines safely. I have; xpub1, xpub2, xpub3 xpriv1, xpriv2, xpriv3 Machine-1: In electrum: New/restore->Multisig Wallet-...
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Script to import multiple priv keys in Electrum

DuckDuckGo turns up nothing of interest. How to import multiple priv keys in Electrum from a file using Electrum console or shell script, for all derivable valid BTC addresses? (1,3,bc1) Eventually I ...
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How to use Electrum GUI and Daemon at same time in seperate shell?

I'm running electrum via gui,and when I use the console the Font is so small and I haven't found a way to increase the size of console output. Is there a way to increase the size of text ? If not is ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Where can I find the rpc api endpoints for electrum?

Somehow I cannot find a list of the possible rpc commands. Basically they are just the bitcoin rpc commands I guess but I cannot find a list for that either... There are some examples here: http://...
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2 answers

electrum wallet console - how to get help on a command

I'm trying to use the electrum wallet console to get help on a command. I can do help() or any other command but i cannot do help <some command> cannot find documentation about the wallet ...
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