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a mining pool that does not require registration and is known for including prayers in its blocks.

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Mining a transaction with a 0 BTC output

It is possible to mine tx that has a 0 BTC output? In theory it is non-standard but valid, so it is not relayed but it can be mined. How to mine it in practice? Are there nodes that accept it? I tried ...
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When do I get paid when mining with eligius? [duplicate]

So, i'm trying out mining with a mac and i'm not asking whether mining is possible, my question is is it actually even possible to make a minimal amount of bitcoins. I hear people saying that mining ...
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Compared to Slush's pool, how exactly does Eligius payout owed bitcoins to the miners?

I have mined a bit on both pools. Slush builds up an amount in your account and once it passes a threshold that you set, Slush sends you a payout that comes from another wallet. Eligius sets the ...
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Setting up a miner with Eligius

In the last few hours I am getting 100% connection rejections from Eligius. I am using a Mac and the Asteroid miner GUI. I also have MacMiner setup. both are not failing after about a month of ...
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How to take advantage of the free transaction relay policy?

I have about 0.027 BTC total, spread over 272 transactions. Was going to send them to someone, and then the transaction fees hit me: 0.0245 BTC. This agrees with the answer to this question -- (272 ...
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Which pools offer payouts via generation? (Eligius-style payouts)

As the title says, which pools offer payouts to miners directly in the generation transaction of the block, as in Eligius?
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2 answers

What are acausal blocks?

In this forum post the poster (2112) writes: It is my understanding that at least Eligius pool isn't a "honest node" and intentionally produces acausal blocks (or at least as close to ...
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Eligius pool and 'generated' bitcoins

I mine at Eligius pool and sometimes a new transaction appears in my bitcoin client labeled 'Generated'. Why does this happen? Do I also get these 'Generated' bitcoins if I use an e-wallet's address ...
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