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Is it correct to say that Bitcoin has a virtual machine in the same way as Ethereum does?

I always thought that between Bitcoin and Ethereum only the latter had a virtual machine. The answer to this thread opened my eyes to the fact that Bitcoin actual has a virtual machine. However, I ...
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1 answer

Running ERC20 contract on RSK

Disclaimer: originally asked on the ETH SE site, but advised to post here. I have been reading about RSK lately and was wondering about the compatibility and possibilities, so I wanted to ask for some ...
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0 answers

Are there any smart contract systems that are self executing without the need to have an external process to initiate a smart contract? [closed]

Doing some research on smart contract systems. I want to create a self executing smart contract that can monitor external data like say the weather from an api. Currently ethereum and other smart ...
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Permissioned blockchains on EVM: are these private ledgers os it all on ETH main net?

Private blockchains using EVM: is this really the equivalent of the library of tools in hyper ledger or do these blockchains run on the public main net?
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1 answer

Why are Virtual Machines used in Ethereum?

I'm wondering why the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is used? What if they didn't use it? Why don't we have them in Bitcoin?