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Questions about Ethereum are off topic. A blockchain-based "smart contract" system with a Turing-complete contract programming language. Questions about Ethereum should be asked on the dedicated Ethereum site:

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Whisper Implementation in Bitcoin

Is there some kind of implementation in bitcoin to communicate between nodes, which is similar to the Whisper Communication in Ethereum ? Whisper, is a communication protocol for DApps to communicate ...
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How is it possible price on Coinbase drops below my Limit Order when it is only partially filled?

I had a post only limit order place for €172 per ETH, about 50% of the order filled before the price dropped to €171.95, leaving my limit order somehow still open? The order was placed when the price ...
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Is it possible to create a Dapp on top of Bitcoin?

Is it possible to create a dapp on top of bitcoin similar to how it can be done with ethereum? Can it be just as capable as ethereum?
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blockchain - Anti-virus service

I hope this is the right place to ask a question on how does block-chain help this theoretical requirement. I have also asked this question on SO; so far, no response. And, Ethereum SE is still in ...
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developing hd wallet using bip32 and bip 39

I'm developing a HD wallet using C#. I want to use this wallet for multiple blockchains like bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin etc... I've read that I should use bip32 for my wallet. i know what's bip32 but ...
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api limit workaround

Are there any ways to avoid limitation for api calls (5/sec)? I need the info about transactions and balance (of certain account), UTXOs and the ability to broadcast my transaction. Currently I am ...
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Tax implications of withdraw fee from one exchange (Binance) to another GDAX/Coinbase

I transferred 0.2 ETH and 0.3 ETH in separate transfers from GDAX to Binance (GDAX does not charge a fee for this). Then, I transferred back from Binance to GDAX all 0.5 ETH, but since Binance ...
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Bittrex Market History Confusion

So I recently made a very small test order of Digix DAO in the Ethereum market (Using bittrex), and I noticed that it showed up in the Market History section. It looked a little like this (NOT EXACT) ...
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Can multiple small graphic card memory collect more mining hash rate

If I set multiple 3GB GTX 1060 , It can generate more hash rate than single GTX 1070 6GB. Can I still mining ETH by this 3 Gb cards when the bloCk size of eth is over 3 Gb. EXPLAIN ME.
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What factors decides the number of tokens to generate?

Tron has decided to generate 100B tokens with some initial price? What parameters do these centralised crypto owners consider before deciding the number and price of tokens?
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Create wallet address on user registration for trading platform

I am creating a crypto-trading platform . I wanted to know how to create wallet address dynamically for all new registered user and also create new address for every transaction. I am using bitcoind ...
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What are options to store bitcoin or ethereum in different types of places?

I know to option to store bitcoin. 1) A wallet 2) A exchange but both are unsafe As far as i know wallet save the coins offline in your phone and hence if you break your phone or lost it coins are ...
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