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Do the FCA rules on Financial Promotion for cryptoassets prohibit me buying Bitcoin?

I am a small retail buyer/holder of Bitcoin. In June 2023 the FCA released this Policy Statement My question relates to the 'client categorisation ...
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Are you considered a money transmitter if your end users sends you their private keys to send funds on their behalf?

I have a service where the end user sends me their bitcoin private keys and I send it back out to a new address when a condition happens (ex. if the weather is raining). Is this still considered as ...
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How do exchanges like ShapeShift, Changelly or Evercoin cope with KYC/AML regulation?

They don't require any information about their users. Most of the exchanges require user identification: so even though exchanges like ShapeShift might have corporate account on the large exchanges ...
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How hard it is to destroy BitCoin system if the government leaders decide to do this?

Just wondering, since the government controls the physical internet. The Bitcoin system could be somehow destroyed by the governments. I'm just wondering if they want to do this, is it technically ...
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How can a government ban trading in bitcoin since the people can trade in overseas exchange?

Recently, bitcoin fell because South Korean government threatened to ban trading. What I fail to understand is how can cryptocurrency trading be banned? Citizens can always trade anonymously in ...
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Exit Strategy: How to communicate / configure my fiat bank when selling large amounts of crypto in a short period of time

Anyone can readily see by my previous questions that I have virtually no idea what I'm doing. Be that as it may, it seems very realistic that I may become a bitcoin (multi?)millionaire within the next ...
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Pump & Dump communities. Are they legal?

There are several communities that allow anybody take part in their "movements". They say, for example, that at 7pm GMT they will announce an altcoin name and people would rapidly buy this coin on a ...
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As of 2016-June - Which companies are registered with the NYC Bitlicense?

As of today 2016-June - Which companies are registered with the NYC Bitlicense? I heard that only 2 were given these licenses while everyone else is just waiting. Why and how did these few select ...
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Has the BitLicense affected other U.S. state regulators' actions?

What aspects of New York's new BitLicense have most affected New York-based companies already? How have California and other states who are planning BTC policy learned from New York's example? (For ...
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What regulations are in place for Bitcoin in California?

I'm looking for information on Bitcoin regulation for companies. Since Bitcoin is commodity, if you are a company and selling bitcoins you need to have license. What are the licenses and regulators ...
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Bitcoin trading: security

I have seen different trading websites on Bitcoin and a question came to my mind: Security Why do they require so much identity verification? If I remember correctly MtGox (despite what later ...
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Is it legal to trade bitcoins on coinbase/mtgox in the US?

I am just wondering whether it is legal to trade bitcoins in the US just like we do for stocks? I see similar legal questions about selling OTC, but I am more interested in buying and selling in well ...
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Are Ripple IOUs e-Money under European law?

It has been confirmed by multiple sources that Bitcoin is not electronic money according to EU Directive 2009/110/EC, mainly because it does not represent "a claim on the issuer" and does not have a "...
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Does an exchange of only virtual currencies fall under FinCEN regulations?

If a business only exchanges between say bitcoin, litecoin and namecoin. No fiat currencies. Does it still fall under finCEN's regulations?
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Might AML regulations have to be applied to unofficial currencies sites in EU?

Is there any AML regulation in EU countries which might have to be applied to unofficial currencies, such as Bitcoins? I guess usually they only apply to state-backed currencies, but since Bitcoins ...
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Does the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission govern Bitcoin?

Do SEC regulations apply to: Exchange of Bitcoin for US dollars Investing in companies with Bitcoin An exchange that sells shares of company stock for Bitcoin Bitcoin futures contracts
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