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Is the 'real barrier' to attack bitcoin's consensus 33.34%, rather than 51%?

Saw a random tweet thread that claimed that the "51" in "51% attack" was misinformation, and that in reality only 33.34% of hash power would be needed for a bad actor to attack the ...
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What do I tell my company IT dept so they allow my bitcoin core container to connect to other nodes

I work for a corporation therefore work behind a corporate firewall. I login to their vpn then I access company resources like mails, IMs etc. As a internal team project, I'm trying to setup a btc ...
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Does port 8333 need to be opened as TCP_OUT or TCP_IN?

Does port 8333 need to be listed in TCP_OUT in a firewall or in TCP_IN as well?
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Please take a look at my server print out to see if all looks well or if the repeating errors mean something is wrong

So it is not clear to me if my bitcoin server is syncing and all is fine or if the "potential stale tip detected, will retry extra outbound " message means I have to do something. Searching for that ...
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Can't connect to Bitcoin RPC on DigitalOcean server

I am running bitcoind on a DigitalOcean droplet with public IP address e.g. I would like to connect to it via RPC from another DigitalOcean droplet with public IP address e.g. Both ...
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How can I get Electrum running under Debian with a restrictive firewall?

So I'm running Debian 9.1 with KDE and am using iptables to disallow all outgoing and incoming traffic by default except that which I explicitly permit. I keep on being disconnected with a red dot in ...
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Running a Bitcoin node (behind Firewall / NAT or anything else? disallowing inbound connections)

I consider running a bitcoin full node on a raspberry Pi 3. I want to attach the raspberry Pi into my home-network (wifi). When I check my IP address I have a public address to the outside (which is ...
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running a full node on a network restricted to outbound connections on port 80 via proxy

Wanted to know if there is any way i can run a full node on a machine in a restricted LAN that can not exit outbound packets except to a specific proxy on port 80 ? (an answer requiring to use an ...
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Transacting bitcoins while there are no Accept rules in iptables

Is it normal for the network to work without any ACCEPT rule? Because now my iptables have INPUT DROP, FORWARD DROP and OUTPUT DROP only port like ssh, http(s), 53 it's open. I don't add any rule for ...
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If port 8333 is closed, will a node relay transactions to its peers?

During a recent discussion, it was asserted that a node running Bitcoin Core behind a firewall with port 8333 closed would still relay blocks/transactions to peers. Unsolicited connections would be ...
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What Pools operate on port 80 or 443?

My firewall blocks all ports except 80 and 443. Are there any pools that accept inbound connections on these ports?
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Mining behind a proxy and restrictive firewall (only http ports allowed) - possible?

I have a very restrictive firewall with an additional proxy here. Is there a GPU mining tool out there that supports proxy server? The best would be a SSL connection to the mining pool. A long living ...
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