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Could you please advise me on solo mining and firmware [closed]

Please can someone assist me with specifics on solo mining and firmware etc, or assistance with coding firmware / management software, as well as information on how to solo mine and for instance SSH ...
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Communicating with mining pools

if I designed my own ASIC machine, what is the easiest way to connect it with the mining pool? I was searching but couldn't find any pool that has an API to communicate.
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Is 3D acceleration needed for GPU mining

I'm new to the mining world and want to start with a typical mining motherboard + GPUs rig setup. I plan to use a 100% FLOSS, GNU/Linux based, operating system (Parabola, from which I'm a dev). The ...
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Advice on upgrading firmware on Ledger Nano

I have the discontinued Ledger Nano hardware wallet. Ledger have released new firmware for this for SegWit and to allow splitting BCH. To perform the update, you have to wipe your keys and re-create ...
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How can I verify the authenticity of a ledger Nano s hardware wallet?

If I buy a Ledger Nano s hardware wallet online from Taobao in China is there any way I can verify it's authenticity? Is there a way to test the firmware etc to make sure it hasn't been tampered with?
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I'm trying to confirm my BCH is being held on my trezor

When I go to I'm being told my trezor needs a firmware update. However, I have updated my firmware on Is there an issue with claiming BCH? If not, why am ...
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