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how to generate a bitcoin address for each user that registers

I'm working on a marketplace type website and i want a bitcoin address to be generated for each user that registers an account. this needs to be done in php with no javascript
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I don't speak English well. Where can I get help with questions about Bitcoin?

I'm interested in Bitcoin but don't speak English well. Where can I find more information about Bitcoin, and get help with my questions in [my mothertongue]? This is a canonical question to serve as ...
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Where in this web can I post what I think rather than ask about bitcoin

I would like to know where can I post What I think and have a discussion on Bitcoin issues rather than ask/answer questions, or is this just an ask and answer area?
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What is the "Untrustworthy" tag on bitcointalk?

I just saw some people that were once labeled "Scammers" are now labeled "Untrustworthy" instead. Does anyone retain scammer tags, or was this a rename? Where was this discussed/announced?
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Copy of old forum?

Is there a copy somewhere of the old bitcoin forum? I would like to read early discussions and banter.
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Linking a transaction to a Bitcoin user

Has anyone tried and perhaps succeeded at linking a transaction to a possibly controversial site (such as Wikileaks) to a Bitcoin forum user by their forum signatures? I know a lot of people disclose ...
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What is the state of Witcoin?

There used to be a forum site called Witcoin. It was interesting in that in order to post, you'd have to pay bitcoins, and when someone replied or upvoted, you made bitcoins. The site went away. ...
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Ogrr market size

I've heard that [Ogrr] ( has provided Bitcoin as its internal unit of trading. Could someone who knows the forum well provide us with information about: How large is the transaction ...
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What forums or websites have an active bitcoin section?

Which websites have active bitcoin communities with discussion that is going on?
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