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Are SPV and fraud proofs a viable option for scaling Bitcoin?

I'm aware that this might be borderline taboo to discuss because of its potential implications (uncapped block size) but, in an attempt to put aside the ego stuff from the block size wars, I'd like to ...
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Is there a archive?

BitcoinAbuse ( was a community-backed project where you could download the entire database in return. Since it got acquired/merged into that ...
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How does Bitcoin verify that a user owns the bitcoins he/she spent?

I'm making my own blockchain based currency for a school project and kind of hit a roadblock. I have a wallet class which initializes with zero coins. What prevents the user from just sending a ...
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Is Merkle tree pruning described in the whitepaper feasible/useful? If not, would there be any alternative?

When I was reading written by David A. Harding, I realized that there's probably a common misunderstanding or over-simplification about Merkle tree pruning. What ...
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Is the idea of fraud proofs possible in reality?

I once read this on Twitter, which is said by Luke Dashjr, a Core dev: The original design was to have full nodes create proofs of invalid blocks, to alert SPV nodes to them. SPV nodes would then ...
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What is a fraud proof?

In Pieter Wuille's presentation on Segregated Witness, he often mentioned "fraud proofs". What exactly are they? Do physical users actually have to go out of their way to manually produce these proofs ...
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