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Questions tagged [genesis-block]

Refers to the very first block of a new blockchain based cryptocurrency.

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Blake-256 genesis block generation helpint

I'm making my own coin and get problem to generate genesis for my fork. Genesis need to be blake-256. I was found this git and tryed to use this script, i also ...
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cannot generate bitcoin first block

I have download bitcoin source and change genesis in regtest. and i try to generate 1 block by command ./bitcoin-cli -generate 1 it does not show any mining block. i try over 10 times but it is still ...
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RegTest Genesis Error

how to generate regression test genesis block ? i saw in bitcion nonce is 2. but i generate from GenesisH0 it not showed nonce 2. for other altcoin i saw nonce is 0 why ? how to generate it ? python ...
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When, and why did people use 1-starting P2PKH address to represent bare-pubkey P2PK outputs?

I notice that some web blockchain explorer, like, doesn't show the famous "Satoshi's bitcoin genesis address" (1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa) for me in the ...
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Different hash while creating genesis block

I've created a genesis block following this instructions: Using this data: ./genesis ...
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How to check that Genesis Block has valid proof of work using CheckProofOfWork() function?

I have been learning the ins and outs of the bitcoin source code over the past 3 months but I can say I have not fully mastered it yet. I wish to understand how the genesis block is validated using ...
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How to reduce Proof of Work in bitcoind?

I am trying to create a new genesis block. But it is taking too long to compute (still running). How do I reduce ProofOfWork needed ? Is it this line that I have to modify ? chainparams.cpp#L117 ...
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Making an altcoin (for fun, not to use), and after finding MerkleRoot and genesis block, I still get errors

I'm making a PoW/PoS hybrid coin for fun (nobody will actually use it). I already found the Merkle root and mined the genesis block and got the nonce and things like that. I inserted them into the ...
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Can I look for transaction in the genesis block?

I'm testing bitcoin and, as an experiment, I added a transaction after the coinbase to the genesis block. However, it appears that it can't be searched with the rpc commands. Why is that? I already ...
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Are there any Bitcoin alt-coin creation tutorials above version 0.15.0?

There are many How to make an alt-coin tutorials out there, but all the ones I have seen are from 2015 or earlier (most are around 2013-2014). Bitcoin has changed dramatically since then, and I am ...
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