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How Can I find sat/vb of a given Txid using bitcoin-cli

I want to find the sat/vb of a tx in a mempool. I am using bitcoin-cli to do this. cmd = ['bitcoin-cli', 'getrawtransaction', txid, "true"] This is the command that I extrect the info of the ...
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Why doesn't the getrawtransaction command with the verbose flag include the confirmations field?

According to the official Bitcoin documentation, getrawtransaction should return a confirmations field, but I don't see that field in the response.
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Why is `getrawtransaction` not working?

bitcoin-cli getrawtransaction 0627052b6f28912f2703066a912ea577f2ce4da4caa5a5fbd8a57286c345c2f2 error code: -5 error message: No such mempool transaction. Use -txindex or provide a block hash to enable ...
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Why is wtxid called "hash" in Bitcoin Core's getrawtransaction RPC?

In the industry txid is known as "transaction hash". Why wasn't the "hash" field called "wtxid"?
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Relation between transaction data and transaction id

What is the relationship between transaction data and transaction id (which is used at mempool to generate Merkle root)? Note : when we query the getblock with verbosity 2, we get raw block in json ...
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locktime in getrawtransaction method in bitcoin-cli

what is different between Time, BlockTime and Locktime in " Getrawtransaction " method in bitcoin CLI? Actually I want to know that is locktime. Please help me :)
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Retrieving Old Transaction in Bitcoin Core's console -getrawtransactions returns "no such mempool transaction" error

I'm new to running a full bitcoin node. After almost a week I could download the entire blockchain. My computer is running 24/7 to support the cause. When I tried to verify some old transactions that ...
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How does the daemon get a transaction via a hash

I am wondering how the daemon gets the transaction data from just a hash. I'm NOT asking how i can get it, i know i can get it via the rpc, i am asking how the daemon does it behind the scenes. Does ...
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Handling "dead" (double-spent) transactions in my mempool

Say I receive transaction A and it is in my node's mempool and unconfirmed. Then a block gets mined directly, which spends one of transaction A's inputs, rendering transaction A invalid. What can I ...
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address list in "getrawtransaction"

i have a confuse about the "getrawtransaction" RPC function,it returns a json object, which contains the addresses list in the "vout" object,like below.It took me some time to understand when the ...
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listunspent bitcoin core command returns the address as String while getrawtransaction addresses are array

this answers why vout.scriptPubKey.addresses is an array, then why the address in listunspent response is a String? Do you know any transactions in the blockchain have multi addresses in the vout?
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