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Questions tagged [grpc]

This tag should be used for questions relating to the lnd gprc interface.

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Link fails when building gRPC client for LND in C++

I'm trying to build a gRPC client for LND in C++, starting with the WalletBalance function. I've never used gRPC before, and I use make instead of cmake, but according to the documentation this is ...
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Are there public LN nodes that have some gRPC LND API endpoints accessible for 3rd parties?

My lnd node died but I'm doing some research on lightning channels. So I'm rebuilding a new btc/lnd node, but in the meantime: are there open nodes that I can access, especially for ...
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RPC for LND: rpc_pb2_grpc vs lnd_grpc

I'm trying to automate launching multiple LND instances with a Python script. I've been trying to use lnd_grpc but can't get it to work. I created an issue in the LND repository and was pointed ...
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What is a stub from the lightning grpc documentation?

For example, very often in the lightning documentation for their grpc api, you will see the following boilerplate python code: >>> import codecs, grpc, os >>> import rpc_pb2 as ln, ...
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Failed Tls connection to LND with gRPC and REST using rust

I have been trying to connect to an LND node using Rust as a language. I have been constantly be given this error: tonic::transport::Error(Transport, hyper::Error(Connect, Custom { kind: InvalidData, ...
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