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What is the purpose of BIP32 derivation paths in PSBT?

Does the wallet software use the Bip32 derivation paths to generate the partial signature map?
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Why doesn't Casa use hardened derivation?

I've noticed that Casa uses non-hardened derivation paths for both their key and my HW keys. The path is the following m/49/0/1. Does anyone have an idea of why it's the case? I mean, the risk of ...
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How to get Private Keys for the corresponding HD generated Child Public Keys?

If we take a look at the Mastering Bitcoin book by Antonopoulos it is explained how to derive child keys as described in BIP-32: From this image it is easily visible that we can use parent public key ...
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Does derivation from public and private keys give the same result in normal key derivation?

I am reading about key derivation in chapter 5 of the book "Mastering Bitcoin" by Andreas, along with this detailed thread and BIP-32. Here are some of my understanding about these two ...
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Unable to derive child keys from subkeys

I'm trying to implement bip32 derivation and have been able to derive the child keys from the master node, but not children of the child key. The following test shows the correct result in bytes for ...
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According to BIP44 each HD wallet have a finite number of 2^32 addresses, Why is that the case?

According to BIP32 we can have a seed from which we derive all our private and public keys, so in theory we can have an "infinite" number of child and grandchild keys so why does BIP44 limit ...
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Can't Access funds due to derivation path

I created a seed phrase and public key via the following Node.js code: const mnemonic = bip39.generateMnemonic() const seed = await bip39.mnemonicToSeed(mnemonic) const node = bip32.fromSeed(seed) ...
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How exactly can hardened keys work?? (HD Wallets!)

After reading Chptr 5, Wallets, from the Bitcoin Book, I have some questions: So I understand that the leak of an xpub+child priv key = compromised wallet. 1)How compromised is the wallet? Just from ...
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What does an apostrophe at the end of a derivation path mean?

If I generate addresses with m/44'/0'/0'/0', m/44'/0'/0'/1', what is the difference compared with m/44'/0'/0'/0, m/44'/0'/0'/1?
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How are derivation paths stored and regenerated for HD wallets?

HD wallets create derivation paths for generated keys. But if you need to regenerate these keys with your seed or master key, where do you get the derivation paths? I don't see how they can be stored ...
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Is BitCoin developer page's HD Wallet image wrong

Here is the image I copied from the What I understand is that M/0'/1' can derive M/0'/1'/0. M/0'/1' can't derive M/0'/1'/0'. To derive M/0'/1'/0,...
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ELI5: What's the difference between a child-key and a hardened child-key in BIP32

I've read BIP32, and I do understand it more or less. Could someone please explain to me like I'm 5 years old what the difference between a child-key and a hardened child-key is? I'm trying to add ...