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Why is the Bitcoin Core HWI written in Python? If it was rewritten in Rust should the Python HWI still be maintained?

Why is/was the Bitcoin Core HWI written in Python? What have the challenges been of having the HWI written in Python? There seems to be interest and rationale(s) to write another HWI in Rust. Would ...
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Am I really understanding how the "Trezor Model T", and hardware wallets in general, work?

Getting increasingly paranoid about losing my coins, I've yet again (for probably the 20th time by now) went looking for hardware wallets. The only semi-reasonable one seems to be the two Trezors. All ...
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How does a hardware wallet interact with the bitcoin network?

I tried to understand the principle how the hardware wallet sends transactions to another Bitcoin address since it is not connected via full node to the blockchain. I found this answer: How do ...
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Hardware Wallet Vulnerability Fix - Verifying Input Value

I'm confused by the proposed solution posted in the blog regarding the recent vulnerability
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