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Questions tagged [hive]

Wallet software for macOS and Android

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1 answer

Hive Mac Wallet Migration

So I left Bitcoin for a while, and had transferred some of my bitcoin into a Hive-Mac wallet. Well I recently found out that Hive discontinued development and that the previous versions are no longer ...
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1 answer

GitHub won't let me fork Hivemind, maybe something about sidechain repos

On my GitHub page I have a fork of bitcoin/bitcoin. The project Hivemind seems interesting, and I want to check it out. When I try to fork it GitHub tells me that I already have a fork of it, and ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Recovering Hive Wallet private key with passphrase

Because Hive Wallet shut down and I didn't export the private keys, I have no way to access my Bitcoins. Is there someway, given a passphrase, to find the private key?Thanks in advance.P.S I already ...
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2 votes
2 answers

I don't have my 12 word question but I do have my PIN and my computers MAC address

I have been using my Hivewallet on my laptop for over 3 months and not once has it asked me for my 12 security words. In the past I figured it had picked up my MAC address because all it ever asked ...
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1 answer

I lost my computer, inside my hive wallet , I do have my adress and password can I recover my bitcoins?

Is it possible to login from other wallet with adress and password to get back my btc?
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Hive Wallet recovery without PIN

If I don't have my pin, but I have my 12 word passphrase, how do I recover the wallet without pin?
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1 vote
2 answers

What Happens if Hive Web Shuts Down?

I've been hearing a lot of good things about Hive Web as a wallet. Apparently it's pretty secure, open source, and only requires that you keep a 12-word phrase safe. That said, what if they ever ...
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Recover a bitcoin wallet in Hive

I've recently reformatted my Mac, and reinstalled Hive. I have a back up to Dropbox option enabled in Hive, and my old bitcoin wallet file is there. But I cannot find any way to recover my old bitcoin ...
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