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Hypertext Transfer Protocol

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Using Decred's atomic swap; "transport connection broken: malformed HTTP response"

I am trying to run the initiate command according to the example at This is my input: $ btcatomicswap --testnet --rpcuser=myuser --rpcpass=mypass initiate ...
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What is the minimum amount of network messaging needed to get the latest block hash from a node?

Reference: I want to be able to write the simplest possible script that is able to contact a Bitcoin full node (given it's IP and port) and get ...
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GDAX Java Limit Order (HTTP Post)

Trying to send HTTP Post request to GDAX with auth. The 'GET' requests work fine and I'm unsure if I am passing the json params correctly as I keep getting Bad Request. private static JsonObject ...
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What are some http mining pools out there?

The open source FPGA miner with source available at does not support stratum, so in order to test it, I need an http pool. Are there any ...
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