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What are the advantages/disadvantages to using the same Wallet Address?

I'm very curious about the reasons people keep their wallet addresses private. I don't understand, some people just post them publicly and nothing bad ever seems to happen. I am involved with a ...
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Do nodes or miners have ids

Do bitcoin nodes or miners have ids that can be used to identify them. Like how do we know if it is the same miner that has added several blocks consecutively? Or how can I identify a node uniquely?
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Verify Bitcoin ownership

I saw a recent article supporting Craig Wright's claim to being Satoshi Nakamoto. Other articles about him suggest that most of the community believes he's a scammer, and not actually Nakamoto. The ...
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Minimum characters to uniquely identify bitcoin trasanction in blockchain

What is the minimum number of characters (TXID from the beginning) which is generally considered to uniquely identify a bitcoin transaction in the blockchain? (Similarly to git and a commit SHA - ...
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Is there a way to a get a list of all address tags from (either by scrapping or API)

I am looking to get the most complete list of address association with entity names. I am thinking must have a good one but here
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How does a miner identify himself

There has been a new mining pool appearing after the halving called cf How does ...
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How 1 cpu 1 vote works?

How 1 cpu 1 vote works? What is its validity? Does it use IP address or mac address or similar to that? If yes, then it can be changed and can make fool to the network. If it can't, then how is it ...
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Hiding identity in digital currency era

I have a question about the security of digital currencies, however still I have find a clear answer for that. No matter what is the currency, e.g bitcoin, monero, ..., at the end of the day, I have ...
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Personal information and bitcoin purchasing

I am in the process of buying bitcoins and am being required to put in a lot of personal details. Once i buy the bitcoins is there any way that the information i had to submit to buy them originally ...
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How do exchange services distinguish who sent to them?

I know some altcoins have features that allow senders to attach messages to transactions and using those features, exchange services distinguish the sender. However, I don't know if there's such a ...
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Human identifier associated with a wallet

I know that, strong anonymity is one of the important aspects of Bitcoin; however, the mandate for us is clear. For audit purposes, we need to be able to prove that, the buyer's name in the web form ...
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59 views encoded in blockchain

I've been working on a tool to decode hex messages inserted into OP_RETURN. Whilst looking at strings in the blockchain I keep coming across user names with the format If you run strings ...
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Bitcoin Vs Bank

Bitcoins are viewed as an alternative to traditional banking. There isn't a peer to peer passage of bitcoins. Like the banking agency is a mediator between the two people sending and receiving money; ...
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Is it possible to identify a wallet from an address?

I want to know is there anyway to identify a particular wallet (its username or email address) on the basis of a Bitcoin receiving address which is generated from that wallet. I am posting that ...
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how transactions of an address traced in BTC?

I'm a newbie, here is my understanding of how transactions are made and how we make sure how many BTCs an address own. if I didn't get it wrong, how many BTCs a address owned is confirmed by the whole ...
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Is there any central management of public and private key pairs in blockchain?

Is there any entity in the blockchain that maintains record and manages public/private key pairs of all the users?
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Is there any protection against receiver's address masquerading attack?

How does one verify that the address of, say “Foodmart”, which the sales person is telling me to send the payment to is actually the address of “Foodmart” not that of that salesman himself? To be ...
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2 answers

What distinguishes a miner from another?

So I've been recently studying about Bitcoin and had few questions: 1) What distinguishes a miner from another miner? Is there any proof that two miners are not the same person? 2) What can we say ...
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In which circumstances is the identity of a miner known?

I started playing with the Blockchain real-time API and noticed that when new blocks were created, they often (systematically?) included a foundBy field. For instance, block with height 446731 (index ...
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What exactly does the "fraud management system" of blockchain checks?

Basically, we are webhosting company and accepting payments through Paypal and 2checkout currently. Due to risk of service being used for spamming,we manually review orders after payment gateway ...
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Proof of Identity Sidechain Proposals

I have seen various Proof of Identity Proposal that all required some degree of trust (to verify the person in physical possession of a Passport is also the owner of it for example). Have their been ...
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How does one checks which customer made a payment?

One question I'm not able to properly answer when asked is How exactly can the blockchain verify the identity of the user without a centralized trusted party such as VeriSign? I know this is done ...
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What's a good way to "swipe" all funds into a secure wallet while hiding common ownership?

I'd like to move all funds into a new, safe wallet. I could just send all funds to a new address in the destination wallet. That would disclose shared ownership of all source addresses, though. How ...
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How did Coinbase monitor BTC transactions?

I've been seeing a lot of articles like this one claiming that Coinbase has been suspending users that transmit and receive BTCs from sites that provide objectionable goods and services (e.g. drug ...
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2 answers

What is bitcoin ID?

An answer on this page says that neither bitcoins nor satoshis have any identity. I then read that You may consider a bitcoin to be "less-anonymous" when an attacker could feasibly find the true ...
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Donation wallet address

I read that wallet/account is not the same as bitcoin address. The address can be used only for single transaction. How do you receive donations on your address? Are wallet addresses unique for the ...
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Why does bitcoin use public keys as pseudonyms?

Why does bitcoin use public keys as pseudonyms? Is there any reason for that? What are the advantages of using public key as the pseudonyms? Highly appreciate if someone can give me an answer.
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Reliability of Auroracoin distribution model based on Kennitala (Iceland National Id)

How can the Auroracoin distribution verify that the recipient does not receive coins using the id of somebody else? If Icelanders use their ids everywhere then many Icelanders potentially know ...
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Can each Bitcoin and Satoshi be uniquely identified?

I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere that BitCoins have an "address", so they can be uniquely identified. What I want to know is: Does each Satoshi have it's own unique identity? How is the identity ...
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What "Identity Verification" features will be part of the QT client?

When Patrick Murck testified today at the Homeland Security Digital Currency committee, he mentioned that an identity verification feature will be added to the QT client. What is this identity ...
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Will MtGox accept a poor quality ID photo?

An exchange I use (Mt. Gox) wants me to send a color scan of my ID. The only camera I have access to is a grainy camera on my feature phone. I don't know the camera resolution but it is not very ...
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How would we know the real Satoshi?

Should Satoshi decide to reveal his or her true identity, how can one know the person is the real creator of Bitcoin, rather than a person who hacked the forum login, email address or the like? In ...
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