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Is it possible to import transaction history from an old electrum wallet to a new electrum wallet?

I see there is an option to export history but no option to import history. It would be nice to keep all my history in one wallet. Thx.
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0 answers

Bitcoin core imported wallet

I have a friend that has an issue with his core: He generated a wallet with coldcard, imported in bitcoin core.. received on both bech32 addresses and nested ones. Lost access to that pc and now when ...
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How can I add an old Bitcoin wallet address from Bitcoin Core to MultiBit HD?

I have a wallet with Bitcoin Core. I have used that address on various sites to receive payments from them. I want to add that address to my account on my MultiBit HD program so it will just carry ...
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Converting multiple btc private keys in standard text format to WIP

Ok, going crazy! I have a file that lists my old private keys (2011) (not original wallet.dat, just keys txt file). I need to convert each of these keys (not one at a time) into either a WIP key (...
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Import the seed phrases generated in Electrum

To which wallets can I import the seed phrases generated in Electrum?
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How can I import a binary number with 256 places as a private key into my Litecoin wallet?

I'm not a coder, so excuse the dummy terms: I have 256 binary characters in 0's and 1's... This is a private key to my wallet... How the hell do I import this 0' and 1' into my Litecoin wallet.
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importing data to a wallet as not watch-only

I am trying to use private keys, addresses, and public addresses I generated myself. (for educational purpose). I am working with bitcoin-cli by inserting the inputs I've generated myself. (in CMD) ...
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1 answer

Script to import multiple priv keys in Electrum

DuckDuckGo turns up nothing of interest. How to import multiple priv keys in Electrum from a file using Electrum console or shell script, for all derivable valid BTC addresses? (1,3,bc1) Eventually I ...
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2 answers

Import of BTC BIP38 Paper Walet into Electrum 3.3.4 not working

Trying to finalize importing BTC from a BIP38 Paper Wallet into Electrum wallet About an hour ago I opened Electum 3.3.4, created a new wallet, set a password, saved a copy of the new wallet to a USB ...
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Import testnet address in bcoin

I´m trying to import a watch-only address to my bcoin node using cli (testnet). My config looks as follows: [....] # # Options # network: testnet # # Node # prefix: ~/.bcoin-testnet db: leveldb ...
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