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1 answer

Why are imported private keys stored to addressbook instead to recieving wallet?

I followed this guide to import private keys which I generated with vanitygen into litecoin-qt. walletpassphrase yourLongPassphrase 300 importprivkey yourPrivateKeyInWalletImportFormat But now - why ...
1 vote
1 answer

Which mobile apps allow me to redeem a private key from a QR code?

Which mobile apps will let me scan a QR code of a private key (such as the one created by BitAddress) and then spend the funds from that coin? Please specify Android, iPhone (iOS), etc.
11 votes
3 answers

Will I need to keep track of my old private keys forever?

Let's say someone (person A) starts using Bitcoin and in a period of time eagerly publishes some of their randomly generated (eg. by the Satoshi client) receiving Bitcoin addresses on formus, sends ...
4 votes
1 answer

Why might MultiBit not show a transaction that was sent to me? [duplicate]

So i recently bought a bitcoin from a vendor , and i had it sent to my Address in multibit. Now the problem is , the money isn't there and i'm not sure what to do. He told me to get bitcoin (program)...
7 votes
3 answers

Can we use a Paper Private Key that has been loaded in the Bitcoin client?

Okay, I want to start offering Bitcoin as a payment option on my e-commerce site. For now, I just want to keep it simply as an option for those overseas customers who don't have credit cards/PayPal so ...
5 votes
3 answers

How does ImportPrivateKey get the Address if I don't explicitly send it?

Suppose I just used vanitygen to create this key: Pattern: 1a Address: e1aMGYXuGpUwDGH9gz3ZBs8UH746nRdEk6 Privkey: 5KhCszBi22hEZZixPEQkLAMtUVkxbGaxBFsH7a9iefqrxHmSXgH All I had to do to import this ...
2 votes
2 answers

Easiest way to collect funds of big lists of bitcoin privatekeys

I am setting up an webstore where you can pay with bitcoins. Therefore I created a bulk list on I save the public addresses in a database and attach one to each transaction. Then I ...