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How do I import private keys from Bitcoin-qt to Multibit client?

Question says it. I spent 20 mins Googling. Saw several links on but amazingly found no solution to this. Am I the first one trying to do this? Note the following are not the ...
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3 answers

Can we use a Paper Private Key that has been loaded in the Bitcoin client?

Okay, I want to start offering Bitcoin as a payment option on my e-commerce site. For now, I just want to keep it simply as an option for those overseas customers who don't have credit cards/PayPal so ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Will I need to keep track of my old private keys forever?

Let's say someone (person A) starts using Bitcoin and in a period of time eagerly publishes some of their randomly generated (eg. by the Satoshi client) receiving Bitcoin addresses on formus, sends ...
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How do you import Block Chain from bitcoincharts?

I went to and downloaded the most recent build. Then I extracted it and was left with BLK0001.dat and BLK0002.dat. What is the next step? I tried replacing the ...
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Extract private keys from Bitcoin Wallet

I have encrypted my bitcoin wallet. I know the passphrase, that's not the issue. I want to transfer my bitcoins to but it's asking me for the private key. I cannot find it nor can I ...
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Easiest way to collect funds of big lists of bitcoin privatekeys

I am setting up an webstore where you can pay with bitcoins. Therefore I created a bulk list on I save the public addresses in a database and attach one to each transaction. Then I ...
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Which mobile apps allow me to redeem a private key from a QR code?

Which mobile apps will let me scan a QR code of a private key (such as the one created by BitAddress) and then spend the funds from that coin? Please specify Android, iPhone (iOS), etc.
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