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development of bitcoin-abe like software

I am trying to develop something similar to bitcoin-abe, e.g. import whole blockchain into database. For database I currently using Redis - I know it will took lots of RAM, but lets suppose that is ...
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Does a trusted blockchain import from BitcoinCore require that chainstate and blocks be from the same source?

Can the chainstate folder from a pruned node be used with the blocks folder from a full node to provide the full blockchain? Assume that both nodes have been running for months. If the blocks folder ...
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Script to import multiple priv keys in Electrum

DuckDuckGo turns up nothing of interest. How to import multiple priv keys in Electrum from a file using Electrum console or shell script, for all derivable valid BTC addresses? (1,3,bc1) Eventually I ...
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Import of BTC BIP38 Paper Walet into Electrum 3.3.4 not working

Trying to finalize importing BTC from a BIP38 Paper Wallet into Electrum wallet About an hour ago I opened Electum 3.3.4, created a new wallet, set a password, saved a copy of the new wallet to a USB ...
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How do I import a wallet into Bitcoin core? [duplicate]

I have the public address, and the private key of a BTC wallet. How can I import this into bitcoin core so that I can use it to sign messages? I need to be able to sign a message to show that I ...
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Using paper based public/private keys in bitcoin-qt [duplicate]

If I only have a public key string and a private key string written on a sheet of paper. How do I use those in bitcoin-qt? If this can be added to bitcoin-qt, will it eventually show me how much ...
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Import testnet address in bcoin

I´m trying to import a watch-only address to my bcoin node using cli (testnet). My config looks as follows: [....] # # Options # network: testnet # # Node # prefix: ~/.bcoin-testnet db: leveldb ...
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