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importmulti native segwit address to fetch utxos of p2wpkh native segwit address

I must fetch utxos for a native segwit address from the local Bitcoin node. First I wanted to import the segwit address. However, it fails. How can I import a native segwit address? I'm using latest ...
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Is it possible to import a P2SH address as solvable with nonstandard type script?

I am trying to import a P2SH address as watch-only using the importmulti RPC command. I provide the scriptPubKey, timestamp, and redeemscript values. The value of scriptPubKey that I'm submitting is ...
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getnewaddress with importmulti

I have a question about how the bitcoin core wallet works with descriptors. I am creating a wallet using the createwallet method and passing in a name (all other args are default). I then import ...
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Will bitcoind import private keys for multi-sig descriptor with watch-only flag set to true?

I am importing a "warm" multi-sig quorum into bitcoind using importmulti like so: {"jsonrpc":"1.0","id":"curltest","method":"importmulti","params":[[{ "desc": "sh(multi(2,[eb2d2f9e/44'/1'/0']...
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How to use bitcoin core importmulti

I have some keys obtained from walletdump, 13LJXzFwARH5N2bR1AV38Nf9qDVw53PjiB 1BcBMuEJJzEY36PmKWTFmYRxEF3YaSEiKN 1NeZCnuSW9NG8F147VNf8JSLKWGcVexZ32 ...
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importing data to a wallet as not watch-only

I am trying to use private keys, addresses, and public addresses I generated myself. (for educational purpose). I am working with bitcoin-cli by inserting the inputs I've generated myself. (in CMD) ...
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HD Wallet convert WIF from list to Public Address

I'm trying to convert a txt of WIF to Public Address but only convert the last line, if someone knows another way to do, i really appreciate from hdwallet import HDWallet from hdwallet.symbols import ...
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How to import address with private key using importmulti

Problem. importmulti function has a lot of parameters and they are more difficult to understanding then the parameters of another Bitcoin RPC-API functions. Those who are not profi in modern ...
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